Friday, June 22, 2012

Victory - Level 4

After playing the first three levels, the fourth is kind of a shock. The computer actually acts with aggression and strategy. My recommendation: get used to using CTR+Z. It will be a pride safety.

Watch out for the Queen. On Level Four, the computer uses the Queen early and effectively. If you aren't familiar with combination plays, you will be by the time you master this level. The computer likes to get you in checkmate using the Bishop-Queen or Knight-Queen combinations. Swap queens as soon as you can. The end game on this level is a push-over, so you will be able to get another one.

Kill the Knights early. If you can swap Knight for Knight then Knight for Bishop your life will be easy. For some reason the computer starts to make mistakes once it loses both Knights. You may even be able to capture the Queen on a Pawn sacrifice. If you leave the Knights alive, they will wreak havoc on you, positioning effectively and removing your pieces mercilessly.

Pawns are important on this level. Keep them alive for the end game. The computer seems to
recognize this and goes for the throat quickly. Do what you can to keep your Pawns alive, no matter how brute-force your approach may seem. They keep the ground you have conquered and they bring your Queen back from the dead.

Have a plan. This is the first level where the computerreally challenges you, so keep a plan in mind and execute to it. This can be as simple as eliminating Knights and Bishops from the board as soon as you can.

Your Open should be simple. Don’t over-extend yourself on this level. The computer will pick you
apart. Your Middle should be concise. Trade pieces. Your End Game is critical. Manage your Pawns. Use your King, shepherding them to the other side if you have to.

Best of luck. Don’t feel bad if you lose a few. The good news is Level Five is easier.