Thursday, May 31, 2012

Victory - Level 3

This is my favorite opening on Level 3. It is conservative. It get's your king into castle as soon as possible. It also opens up your horse to start establishing itself. The horse, when used right can be a powerful piece, and on Level 3, the computer tends to rely on the horse. It seems to hamper it's other pieces, but if you leave the horse alive, it will be a major force in the hands of the computer toward the end of the game.

You will see a lot of Queen movement on the computer's side. Don't be intimidated, it's sole mission seems to be to sacrifice itself and/or take out your queen in the process. If you set up a good pawn defense, you should be able to conquor this level.

An attack with your own horse is a good plan on this level. The computer plays mostly defense and tends to cower from your advancing horse. Remember, a good trade is horse for horse, horse for bishop. A better trade is horse for castle, or (of course) horse for queen. Don't give up this piece for a pawn.

My stategy has been to remove the computer's queen as fast as I can. It usually does give it up easily. Then remove knights and castles. Advance my pawns or an extra queen. Not sue how ethical it is to play with two queens, but it sure makes life easier.

Best of Luck!