Friday, August 29, 2014

The Watchers: 1

Don’t you think it’s amazing that when Adam first named the animals he managed to get it right in every language?  I mean I’ve known a Bee is a Bee for as long as I can remember and even beyond that.  They say we were around since the foundation of the world anyway, so that’s how I must have known. The Killer Bee must have got its name sometime after the fall, since death hadn’t been around when Adam was naming things. 
I do remember seeing an animal that startled me once. Never had seen it before, what was it called? Emu or something like that? I must have been a victim of ADD when Adam named it or it walked onto the Ark. Maybe you remember, but not me. You and I were there. ‘In the loins,’ so to speak, or at least that’s how Levi paid taxes to Melchizedek. Hebrews explains it.
Wish I could remember more, but as I read the Bible, it gets clearer. I guess you and I watched from some sort of bleacher, coliseum or movie theater. And that is where I’m headed once again. The cloud of witnesses. Looking back I’m wondering what I struggled with so hard all of those days. God clearly had it all under control.

-Excerpt from, The Watchers.  TBD