Sunday, May 20, 2012

Victory - Level 2

Interestingly enough, Level 2 plays harder than level 3. Getting your king to castle first behind a
phalanx of pawns is a good starting strategy. The Knight is your advance and works to keep off an assault. The next logical move is to move the left
Knight to the forefront. This gives you coverage
over most of the board. If the computer threatens to take your knight, make sure it is in exchange for one of his Knights or Bishops. Knights are more valuable when the board has a lot of Pawns. Bishops are more valuable in an uncluttered board. On Level 2, that is likely to happen quickly. The computer is has no compunction about swapping pieces, especially the Queen. Only threaten to trade Queens if you mean it.

The play progresses quickly, the computer makes many mistakes it won’t make later. Feel free to be aggressive on this level, knowing you won’t pay for any subtle mistakes. The computer won’t be using any real strategy at this level, though it will go after your pieces.

Remember the Rooks are more valuable than Knights and Bishops, so don’t feel bad about a trade for lesser valuable pieces. Keeping a strong presence in the center of the board is a good strategy.

Near the end of the game, you’ll likely find time to get a second Queen, if you’ve managed to keep
your first one alive.