Sunday, September 26, 2010



Thank you to all of the great people who have supported our chapter throughout 2009. There is a lot of work going into making monthly meetings and major events happen, we couldn’t have done it without you.

First, let me say that our chapter has a rich heritage. We saw the passing of two charter members this year, and as we grieved our loss, the one thing that stood out to me was the quality of individuals they were. Both members put others ahead of self and dedicated their careers as much to the advancement of those around them as to their own successes, a trait common to all of our charter members.

In our chapter we have many former Regional Advisors (RAs). They have been generous with their time, patience, and advice. They have expertly oriented our chapter and we are reaping the rewards of their service. Linda Powley has especially been a help getting us ready for 2009. Her bits of sanity and critical details were keys to the success of several of our events this year.

The leadership team has been invaluable. It is composed of Alan Stacy (ARA), Erin Golden (Chair), Sharon VanZandt (Co-Chair) and other volunteers like Leigh Wilcox and Rebekah Reed (Conference Coordinators), Charlotte Lanham (Bookstore Coordinator), Diane Roberts and Sue Ward (Greeters), Liza Maakestad and Kathleen Davis (Newsletter Staff), Shirley Duke (TLA Coordinator), Kathy Lay and Jan Peck (Critique Coordinators), and Molly Penrod (Historian). The list goes on.

There is another group that makes our chapter great, those who have recently joined us and rolled up their sleeves to get involved. We’ve had several new faces step forward to fill critical roles this year, and it makes a difference for all of us. The new 2010 newsletter staff will be composed of Julie Richie (Editor), Michelle Munger (Layout Designer), Diana Rosales (Distributor), and Charlotte Lanham (Acquisitions Editor). Maria Norris has stepped up to help with advertisement, Betty and Ilana Riley have volunteered to do registration at most of our events, and for our last conference we had over 45 people sign up to help with the conference, many of them new faces.

We are a group rich in terms of our membership and volunteers. Thank you all for how you keep us going. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of all your great efforts in the coming months and in 2010.

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